Chief Steward Message: China Opt-Out MOU


Chief Steward Message: China Opt-Out MOU


The China MOU says that you must opt-out of China flying 96 hours prior to the start of your Trip Pairing. Recently, scheduling has begun to change the lines of crewmembers, who have not designated their desires under the MOU, and adding China flying where a crewmember previously had none; sometimes inside the 96-hour window.  

The Chief Pilots are intent on following the MOU, thus, it is our recommendation that if you do not want to go to China, you opt-out immediately. This will prevent unneeded stress if or when scheduling changes your schedule after your trip pairing starts and you do not want to go. Alternatively, you may opt-in to China flying which will provide the company with a list of crewmembers who are willing to go. Our union suggests you take one of these actions and do this immediately.

All The Best,

CA Kevin McCabe
Chief Steward, IAP Local 2750