Welcome to the Aeromedical Committee page.  The objective of our Committee is to assist our fellow pilots with maintaining, or when necessary, re-obtaining FAA Medical Certification.  Committee Members are available to answer questions, and direct pilots toward assistance that will be both timely and effective. Additionally, the Committee works to disseminate pertinent, medically related information to the pilot group (i.e. areas with increased risk of disease, flu season patterns, etc.). 

On Aug. 1st, 2020, the IBT Local 2750 entered into a partnership with Aviation Medical Advisory Service (AMAS) to provide our pilot group with FAA Medical Certification assistance.  The AMAS Aeromedical Service Team consists of aerospace physicians, nurse case managers, and administrative support professionals.  The Aeromedical Committee works closely with these professionals to ensure our pilots receive the assistance they require.  You can view further information at the AMAS – IBT Local 2750 website .

Committee Members

  • Brent Lowe - Chairman [Email]
  • Tony Santos - Member
  • Robert Ulrich - Member