Executive Board

The Executive Board functions as the coordinating body for the membership of the air carrier with respect to the communication of policies and the provision of services by the Local Union. It is responsible for all normal and routine representation required by its air carrier membership. The Executive Board has oversight of committees directly related to the representational needs arising on the air carrier.


  • Yngve Paulsen - President Elect [Email]
  • Chris Knox - Vice President Elect [Email]
  • Christopher Grable - Secretary Treasurer Elect [Email]
  • Justin Wargo - Recording Secretary Elect [Email]
  • Keith Carbine - Trustee Elect [Email]
  • Brent Desserich - Trustee Elect [Email]
  • Greg Longie - Trustee Elect [Email]


IAP2750 Trustees

  • Rick Dubinsky - Local 2750 Trustee [Email]
  • Bob Kirchner - Local 2750 Trustee [Email]