Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS)

The Human Intervention Motivation Study (HIMS) Program is an airline industry-wide substance abuse treatment program designed to help return aviators to the cockpit after suffering from alcoholism or addiction. To date, nationwide, more than 4,000 flight crew members have entered the HIMS program; with an estimated 88-90 percent remaining sober-substantially better than recovery programs for the general population.

Committee Members

  • Regis Conti - Chairman [Email]
  • Mark South - Vice-Chairman [Email]
  • Spence Barker - Member [Email]
  • Stephen Corbin - Member
  • Kelly Fox - Member
  • Kyle Gibbs - Member [Email]
  • Jason Hastey - Member
  • Brian Keefe - Member [Email]
  • Peter McKnight - Member
  • Sean O'Loughlin - Member
  • Rich Parnicky - Member [Email]
  • David Williams - Member [Email]