The Scheduling Committee serves as a liaison between crewmembers and the Scheduling Department relaying membership concerns to the appropriate member of management when errors or potential violations occur. The Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the monthly bid package, ensuring that it complies with the Collective Bargaining Agreement and the FAR, and ensure that errors or potential violations are corrected in advance. It shall handle issues and complaints with vacation and sick leave.

Committee Members

CBA Education

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In this education document we review AIMS and Delays when flying Part 117 passenger flights. As a reminder for those who don’t operate passenger flights often, PAX flights are governed by CFR Part 117 rest and duty limit rules that are different and supersede those of the CBA and Part 121 that we usually go with. Part 121 and the CBA limits ‘Duty Periods’, while Part 117 defines and limits ‘Flight Duty Periods’.