COVID – 19

This page is setup to be a one stop resource for everything to do with COVID-19.  All new information will be posted here as soon as it is available.

Committee Members

The Company has extended the MOU II vaccine deadline to Oct 31. However, the 5 hrs of pay will be at the Aug 31st payrate, so delaying submission for the result of arbitration will not increase the compensation.

Vaccine Submission

Click this link to submit your vaccination to the Company through Microsoft Teams

Covered Flying:

Your Exco and COVID committee was able to negotiate with the company to add all CDC “Red” countries to the current MOU. The list is extensive and dynamic. We have provide a link to the CDC List. All countries are included in this list outside of the United States and China.


Rapid Testing:

Rapid testing is available at some hotels and bases. Check Comply365 for current locations (COVID-19 Crewmember Guidance in the main Collections menu).

Members will need an account with IHP. New users should start with the consent form below, which will generate an e-mail so you can set up your username and password. After setting up your account, click here to schedule subsequent tests.

At Home Testing:

Please use this link to request the at home COVID-19 test.

The kit is sent via overnight shipping and includes an overnight return label. The company insurance covers 100% of the cost, as well as most other insurances. In the event you are not covered, you can submit a cash TER for reimbursement. Once the lab receives your kit, it typically takes 24-48 hours to receive your results.

Atlas has teamed up with Cigna to provide at home testing for its crewmembers. After completing the at home COVID-19 test, and receiving your results please take this short survey.