Local 2750 Arbitration Update – 07/16/2021


Dear Crewmembers,

Today our counsel had a conference call with JCBA Interest Arbitrator Eischen and Company counsel at the request of the Arbitrator. The Arbitrator informed our counsel that he is experiencing a family medical emergency related to his wife’s pancreatic cancer treatment that necessitates surgery for her next week. Due to his family medical needs, he was required to request a one-month extension of the issuance date of the JCBA interest arbitration award. The Arbitrator was apologetic about his need to ask for a continuance and committed to issuing his award no later than September 10, 2021 with the goal of issuing it sooner than that date. Given these circumstances, both the Company and Union of course agreed to his request. We all understand the serious impact cancer has on a family and medical issues can disrupt plans for all of us. We know all of the pilot group give their best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery for Arbitrator Eischen’s wife. We will keep you informed of any further developments related to the JCBA interest arbitration process.


Bob Kirchner
IBT Local 2750 Trustee